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About me

By: David Luna

About me

Hi, I’m David Luna, a mexican software engineer. I’m a Computer Science graduate from ITESM in Monterrey.

What I’m up to right now

Right now, I’m working on improving the template used to create this very website. You can keep track of the development in the GitHub repository .

Previous projects

Here’s a list of previous projects I have worked on:

  • Gatsby blog template created using React, Bootstrap and some other stuff. The repository can be found here .
    • This blog template was used for the previous version of my website, but development was stopped some years ago.
  • Sudoku puzzle solver written in C++. Repository.
  • Sokoban solver written in C++. Repository.
  • Sudoku game made using the Godot Game Engine and programmed with GDScript. Repository.
  • An ArchLinux install script that fits my needs and OS preferences. GitHub repository can be found here .

How to reach me

I prefer to use open source platforms whenever possible, so the social media profiles listed in here are mostly of my multiple accounts in the Fediverse. To learn more about what that means, click here .